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Love’s Truths

I dedicate this to the man who elevated me as a woman and inspired me to strive for more. I am so grateful to you for that and for the time we spent together.

Love, T


I can’t change how I feel about you

Nor will I try

You’ll always be a part of me

Forever in my heart


I’ll carry you with me

Everywhere I go

Not because I’ll try or want to do so

That’s just how it goes.


When you love someone,

You love them always and forever.

No one can take

Your place in my heart.


I loved you before we met

I loved you when we were close

I loved you when you were far

I still love you, even now.


But your place in my heart

Although it will never be erased

Will get displaced

As that is the way it goes.


Some come into our lives

And stay there for a moment.

You came into my heart

And you’ll stay there forever.


This poem isn’t about anyone specific nor is it meant to be hateful. It’s just a combination of mine and my friends’ truths. Unfortunately too many can relate and not enough are strong enough to get out and leave. There is a certain ‘vibe’ or feeling that encompasses situations described in the poem which we often ignore. More need to listen to their own intuition. 

Mistakes and experiences are only lessons if you learn from them…that means letting go, forgiving, understanding and recognizing it if it shows up again.



I feel trapped

There is something heavy on my chest

It’s hard to breathe

I can’t sleep

My heart has a weird beat.

The feeling isn’t new

It’s just more intense.

I thought I had it under control

It was all brought on by stress.

What a mess!

Why is it I let you do this?

The made up stories

And all your lies

I am a strong woman

It’s not even worth my time!

I hear you come through the door

 Trying not to make too much noise.

I pretend that I’m asleep

So you think you got one up on me

But I pray you can’t hear my loud heartbeat.

Cuz tomorrow I leave

And I will be free

No more heavy on my chest

No more stress

No more feeling like a bloody mess

You don’t need to know

Where I’m going to be

The only thing you’ll know

Is that I’m no longer here

And that we will never again be

Ever tear I cried,

Every lie you told,

Every late night,

Every fight you picked,

Every word to make me feel small,

I look back now and wonder

Why did I deal with it at all?

Terrible experiences in bed.

Awful energy everywhere you went.

Hell, you couldn’t even pay for s*it!

Oh I remember now!

It was that first lie you told

You said you were a man of your word

But did you think I wasn’t going to figure it out?

The girl called me and blew your s*it up!

I’m so sick of ‘men’ who lie

Insecure cowards

Trying to pretend they’re worth my time

I see right through that now

In a short period of time

And when I bounce

They call back saying “I miss you”

Of course you do boo,

You tried to floss with a real woman

Not a girl without a clue.

They say a person fools you once

That’s their bad

They fool you twice, it’s yours.

So I took it to the bank, cashed it in

And ended up with some words






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