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A Great Story

Blessed are those who see their Self reflected in the eyes of another. Even more blessed are those who truly see each other.

– T.


Cusco, Peru 2017. Photo © of T.Nikic


She doesn’t go to bars and she’s never been to this one. The bar she has entered is filled with magic. She’s failed to connect with the acquaintance she’s spending the evening with, so she orders a magic potion to drink. No sugar added.

He had been at a party with his best friend who was visiting him. He doesn’t remember how it happened, but he ended up sitting on a stool at the bar next to her. Neither of them knew how long they’d been there when he turned to her and asked, “Have you read about this magic?” At that exact moment they entered into a creative space of infinite possibilities where they could go anywhere that night together.

When she walked away from him she wondered if she met HIM. The next day when he asked to see her again, she wanted to tell him that she wasn’t ready, that it was too soon. But she didn’t. “How could I not be ready?” she wondered, “I’ve been waiting to meet someone like him my entire life”. Instead, she continued the dance of texting and late night phone calls, and pushed him away, slowly at first, but it turned into a cruel ordeal soon thereafter.


Fast-forward about six months. They’ve not spoken nor seen each other. Perhaps they remained curious, but no contact was made. She travels to a far away land to heal, for she thinks that the reason she pushed him away is deep, and she needs help to do so. She drinks a healing potion three times. The first time she drinks it, she releases all that has been holding her back her entire life. The second time she drinks it, he comes to her, joyful and smiling, wanting to be with her. Happily, they embrace for a long time. She tells him she has to finish her work but that she will return to him. Reluctantly, he leaves her. The third time she drinks the potion, she becomes a bird and flies to the mountain peak. It becomes official then – she has healed and is ready for the next elevation.


When she returns home, she reaches out to him. His reply suggests that he is unsure or uninterested. She doesn’t push. He visits her in a dream a few weeks later. They are together but there are many people watching them. One of the walls of the room of their bedroom is actually a stage. There is a play going on and he seems interested in watching it. She feels love because they are doing something together. She wakes up feeling hopeful.


It’s been over five months since her healed self returned home and reached out to him. No contact and yet he visits her in yet another dream. In this dream, they are sitting around a dining room table, outside in a green garden with many flowers on a warm, sunny day. It feels like late spring. The people sitting around the table feel like her family, and he is sitting with her and laughing with them. He serves her breakfast – farmer’s market butter and honey spread lovingly on a piece of bread made with love. She never told him that was her favourite breakfast growing up. She is moved to tears. He smiles at her and she wakes up. Oh, the grace, blessings, love, she feels on a soul level when she opens her eyes that morning – he said goodbye to her so lovingly. She sends a sincere prayer of gratitude to him.


His presence in her physical life was very short, yet he graced her with love that transcended the senses and reached her soul. He inspired her to heal. She learned that life is about allowing, not holding on. She is now flying.

The meeting of their souls was planned long before they saw each other, but their meeting started a new chapter in her life. A life of conscious commitment, to her Self, to honour her soul on every level, in every way, each and every moment, for the rest of her life.

The fairytale is over.

First Light Translated…

This poem was inspired by “First Light” by Freddie Hubbard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2wPmSPQbJc 



I am walking inside a dream –

A beautiful dream.

I see elephants with their trunks up

As if they’re saluting me

And wishing me good luck.

I see a slew of colours

Which move me – orange,

Red, yellow, green,

Purple, navy.

I see a sky at dawn, noon,

Sunset and at nighttime.

The different phases of the moon,

And the many heights of the sun.

I see trees…they’re all kinds of colours –

Representing their states

During the different seasons.

Now I see that it’s raining,


It’s sunny and it’s hot.

On a road which seems to

Lead to a world filled with

The possibility of love,

Pain, passion, anger,

Peace, joy, sadness,

Fear and magic,

I see you.

You’re standing in the middle

Of that unpaved road

In the hot sun,

In the pouring rain,

In the falling snow.

The elephants,

I now see,

Are giving YOU their support,

And are waiting with you.

I look around me

And I look behind me,

Once or twice

But very quickly I realize that

We’re the only two human beings there

Present, in what now feels to me is a

A shared dream.

The wind seems to be

On your side too

As it pushes me towards you,

Exciting the elephants

As they continue to support you

And me walking towards you.

Suddenly in our dream,

I am standing in front of you.

I look up at your smiling face

And am pushed by the wind

Into your warm, strong


I am fighting the wind and you,

Trying to slow down

And go at my own pace

But very quickly

I come to realize that

In your arms

Is where I want to be.

As scary as that realization is to me,

I am at peace with being close to you,

With you holding me.

The elephants,

I now realize

Are saluting US

And the wind is twirling around us

In a spiral

To keep us embraced longer.

Suddenly everything disappears –

The wind, the colours,

The elephants, the trees…

It’s just you and me

Standing on an unpaved road,

Holding on to each other,

And the beautiful mystery

That’s waiting to unfold,

Written by us.

You take my hand in yours

And together we are facing the road in front of us…

But that is when I wake up.

I close my eyes tighter

Trying to go back inside the dream

and failing miserably.

I become aware of your arms around me,

Holding me.

I feel your warmth

Against my back

And become aware of your touch –

Your hand is grazing my thigh,

My waist, my back.

Your touch is warm and loving,

Unfamiliar to me

Yet I’ve longed for it

For many, many years.

It touches me deeper than

Than the skin it feels

And I start thinking

That this maybe is also a dream.

I wait for you to vanish,

To leave,

To disappear,

But instead you whisper in my ear.

And I realize that you’re here.

That is when it dawns on me –

I don’t want you to leave.



My performance of this poem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJQ5oY4a1vE

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