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Love Scars

Inside cover of Lenny Kravitz' album "It Is Time For A Love Revolution"

Inside cover of Lenny Kravitz’ album “It Is Time For A Love Revolution”

This poem is for the old us.

This poem is for who we are right now.

This poem is for every unborn child.

This poem is for who we’ve yet to become.



One day, this body will bear signs of love

In form of scars.

They will be proudly shown off

Even when the skin won’t be so taught.


One day, you’ll see my skin

And you’ll see these scars as a form of art,

For they connect my skin to my heart

And tell you a story I may have

Forgotten about.


One day, I’ll stand before you naked,

While fully clothed,

And in my eyes

You’ll see the scars and the stories untold.


One day, my children will want to know

Why my skin still glows

Despite the scars that mark it

And the imperfections it holds,

And then is when I’ll tell them

About love in form of scars,


For love is that light you see with your heart,

Whose warmth you feel with your soul.

And that is why I stand tall

Proudly showing off my scars of love,

For every mark that love has left

Made me more beautiful.

Going Deep….

“It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard.”~May Sarton

There’s no shame in going deep….One Love, T


For a long time, I wasn’t sure what feelings were actually made up of…

Was it of star dust or much smaller particles?

Like the atom, for example, with its nucleus of positive, in a cloud of negative charges

So that you remain balanced or maybe it’s much smaller than that –

Kind of like energy which you can’t see or touch,

Which can’t be destroyed or created,

Simply transferred or change forms, so much so that I often wonder –

Whose feelings am I channeling?

And are they well placed within my element of returning grace??

As I put them on a low shelf for they’re too heavy for travelling,

And too big to sit down with, discover and understand.

But it’s hard for a man, or another woman, but especially for a man,

To understand,

So I’ve learned not to bring it up in a conversation over tea or dinner,

During a game of seduction, which is lead by hormones, not feelings, and mood lighting, not meanings.

So I take all that to a place where others speak their own truth,

For that’s the place where I’ll go deep and lose myself in my emotions –

That is my biggest downfall and my biggest devotion –

Simply to be able to FEEL.

Not Right Now

This goes out to everyone who hears their inner voice…and is fearless enough to listen to it. One love, T


Did I hurt you so much that you’ll never come back?

Or did you not hurt me enough because I still believe that there will be an US?

Doesn’t that sound f**ked up?!

It’s like two people on a different type of crack,

Neither of them sure how to react,

To each other’s or their own feelings that weigh down their bags,

Making it harder to travel or find the right size carriage to throw them in together,

As if it becomes easier to carry both of our baggage together….

But the thing that breaks the wheels is the fact that too much garbage has accumulated over the years –

You can’t throw out mine and I sure as hell can’t throw out yours,

So here we are taking a time out,

Sorting through years of life which is holding us back from being able to travel together.

Now that it has become a choice – do we stop to take this time-out,

And deal with our own burden of stuff?


Fix the wheels and keep going until we get a better carriage for our baggage? –

You know the shiny one that looks pretty and makes everyone point and go:

“There goes Mr. and Mrs. So-And-So, the best couple I know!”

Is that the path you choose to follow?

I’ll be honest; I’d rather take my bags out and unload them when no one else is watching

So that at least when we stand together again,

Instead of being in a big shiny van,

We’ll be in a reliable mini car of some sort

And I can’t tell which one cuz

All I know right now is that my bags are too heavy, to add to someone else’s baggage

and travel with them in that carriage.

It’s kind of like walking into a mine field and being unsure of the safest step to take next –

It’s just way too much stress.

So I gotta put my deuces up –

Yea, I guess I’m signing out…for RIGHT NOW.

But please remember – I still believe in US.

The Butterfly Whisperer

This is a strange thing –

I’ve not felt this way before

and as such is the truth,

I start to think –

Is it really okay that I feel like this???


I am being vague I realize

so I’ll have to take my time

to paint this picture of what seems to be

a full-blown case of tummy butterflies….


It doesn’t take much really

for these butterflies the size of eagles

to start fluttering around my stomach…

eliminating my appetite,

giving me the runs,

disturbing my sleep,

and at the same time,

putting a goofy perma-smile on my face

so that I literally look as happy as a clown – !


All you really have to do is say “Hi”

or “Hey”

or “Ayo gurl! How’s you today?”

It can be via text, email or Facebook chat,

and any of that will leave me with butterflies

which fly from my tummy to my heart…and back.


Oh and then there is Skype!

Do you even know how fast my heart races

when I see you calling via a video call request?!

Even as I answer

I try to be cool

while the butterflies still keep doing what they do.

But when I see your face

and hear your voice say “Hey!”

It’s like you served strong coffee to the butterflies

who seem to now work overtime, extra hard.

Then my palms get sweaty,

my heart beats faster,

my face gets hotter….

I hope the camera doesn’t pick up red

for I am not ready for you to know

that you have made my whole body very, very  warm.


So you think Skype-ing with you is bad?

Yeah….it gets even worse

when I know that I will see you in person!

Especially if I know way in advance –

Not only are those butterflies working extra hard

but I fail to eat,

I can’t sleep…

I have a hard time doing anything but daydream!


And then THE moment comes

when we meet face-to-face

and it’s as if you take all these butterflies away…

because instantly I’m cool and I feel good.

And it makes me wonder how you got me so good?!


Do you plant these butterflies

with your words or your voice?

Or have you placed them only in my tummy

so that they respond just to

YOUR voice and YOUR words,

so much so that it’s starting to make me wonder

if you’re the butterfly whisperer no one’s yet heard of?


I’ve now realized that you have way more control

over my appetite, sleep and thoughts

than I’d ever let you know….

 But since it’s all real – I sincerely feel this way –

this is what my friends want me to say:

“Will you please  spend time with your gurl

so she doesn’t starve and waste away??”




This poem isn’t about anyone specific nor is it meant to be hateful. It’s just a combination of mine and my friends’ truths. Unfortunately too many can relate and not enough are strong enough to get out and leave. There is a certain ‘vibe’ or feeling that encompasses situations described in the poem which we often ignore. More need to listen to their own intuition. 

Mistakes and experiences are only lessons if you learn from them…that means letting go, forgiving, understanding and recognizing it if it shows up again.



I feel trapped

There is something heavy on my chest

It’s hard to breathe

I can’t sleep

My heart has a weird beat.

The feeling isn’t new

It’s just more intense.

I thought I had it under control

It was all brought on by stress.

What a mess!

Why is it I let you do this?

The made up stories

And all your lies

I am a strong woman

It’s not even worth my time!

I hear you come through the door

 Trying not to make too much noise.

I pretend that I’m asleep

So you think you got one up on me

But I pray you can’t hear my loud heartbeat.

Cuz tomorrow I leave

And I will be free

No more heavy on my chest

No more stress

No more feeling like a bloody mess

You don’t need to know

Where I’m going to be

The only thing you’ll know

Is that I’m no longer here

And that we will never again be

Ever tear I cried,

Every lie you told,

Every late night,

Every fight you picked,

Every word to make me feel small,

I look back now and wonder

Why did I deal with it at all?

Terrible experiences in bed.

Awful energy everywhere you went.

Hell, you couldn’t even pay for s*it!

Oh I remember now!

It was that first lie you told

You said you were a man of your word

But did you think I wasn’t going to figure it out?

The girl called me and blew your s*it up!

I’m so sick of ‘men’ who lie

Insecure cowards

Trying to pretend they’re worth my time

I see right through that now

In a short period of time

And when I bounce

They call back saying “I miss you”

Of course you do boo,

You tried to floss with a real woman

Not a girl without a clue.

They say a person fools you once

That’s their bad

They fool you twice, it’s yours.

So I took it to the bank, cashed it in

And ended up with some words






Lost Love Letter….

Hello old lover and friend,

You’ve been on my mind

And I wonder how you’ve been?

I hope this letter finds you

And that it finds you happy and well

I write knowing you might not read this

But then there is always a chance that you will…

I miss you.

I want to call you and tell you so every day.

But I know you’re not impressed by this

After all, it was me who pushed you away.

It was me who ended our incredible love game.

The funny thing about the heart is that you can’t tell it what to feel.

I know because I tried.

I told my heart to forget about you

Because you couldn’t give me what I wanted and needed.

I told it not to love you.

But I remain frustrated.

And I think a lot –

Of what we shared

The little time we had together

How compatible we were…

…then I remember all the things we didn’t and couldn’t have

Things I needed from you which you couldn’t give me

Not because you didn’t want to, but because it wasn’t the right time for you.

I suppose it really wasn’t the right time for me either

But in you, and in us, I saw glimpses of what I’ve been dreaming of –

A connection that goes beyond the physical

And is more spiritual

A connection which interlaces friendship in its foundation

And fills my heart with joy…

Funny thing about the heart,

Is that it also tells you when it’s time to part…

I couldn’t settle for just some of you –

I wanted to have it all….

I hope that you know

My goodbye did not reflect how I felt

Or how much love I had in my heart for you

But that it was something which I simply needed to do.

Perhaps our timing was off

But I couldn’t rearrange me, for us

And I doubt you’d have wanted that.

I think we will meet again

But not be together again, in THIS lifetime.

I am so happy we met and shared moments I’ll never forget

I cherish our songs, for they warm my heart

And make it easier being apart

You will be someone I will always miss

And even as I write this

I cry and smile

Because for a moment in time

I was yours and you were mine.

Before I get back to listening to our song,

There is one more thing which I want you to know

No matter whom I’m with or where I reside

I feel you with me.

You’re forever in my heart.



The Greatness Of The Moon….

One night, like this one, the moon was out – full, beautiful and bright against the blackness of the night sky. It was then that I wrote this poem, over a year ago, and it is only now that I’ve gathered up enough courage to share it with you. 

I hope that everyone is able to feel the greatness of the moon….



Just as the palm of your hand grazes the back of my neck,

The warmth of your touch sending sensual interpretations down my spine,

As you push my hair to the side to expose my sensitive spot,

And then place a kiss at the nape of my neck with those soft, warm, full lips.

That kiss follows with another, and another, and another,

Sending little bursts of sensual energy down my spine,

Bringing me to a new high—that soulfully sensual connection

That touches deep –my heart, my mind, my soul

As if we’re the last two living beings of all of the life in the universe.

Our connection would then be strengthened face to face,

Where you take the time to stroke my face and place a kiss on each of my eyelids.

I exhale a small breath, one that speaks from deep within my soul and open my eyes.

That’s when I realize you’ve touched me, without touching me at all.

I want you to touch me again, to the depths of my soul.

I Can Move My Own Stove…To Clean Behind It

A friend of mine asked me “T, what ARE you looking for in a guy?”. I thought about it – about the things I want and don’t want and I realized that it’s a lot of the same things that my girlfriends are also looking for. So this poem is dedicated to us, ‘Renascence’ women (as I was described by a fine gentleman last night), who CAN do it on our own, who ARE doing it on our own, and are shaking up the traditional ‘role assignments’ of men and women but really, we are seeking a MAN.



To the next man who approaches me,

There are a few things I hope you see.

No, this list is not all-inclusive,

But please don’t lose it.


I can move my own stove,

in order to clean behind it.

So I don’t need muscles or a pretty boy

To move furniture or carry groceries.

I have a job and my own place,

So I don’t need your money and I won’t invade your space.

But know that I am not a bank or a hotel,

Please call your boy if things aren’t swell.

I have degrees and I love to read,

I have a brain and I am not afraid to speak.

I don’t need a man with a PhD,

but he needs to stimulate my intellect more than the p…..

I can cook well and keep the house clean,

I do not mind doing laundry,

Or cooking things you like which I don’t even eat,

But never forget that I am NOT your personal maid or chef!

I’ll cut everything off quickly if my standards are not met.


Oh, you want to know what my standards are now?

They’re pretty basic and simple, I think –

Be honest, stay real and respect me –

That is my standard for us to just exchange words.

If we’re both lucky enough to want to try more,

My standard for that is really simple actually –

Our vibe will determine it all!


The last point I need to make,

Is actually quite delicate –


My body, my mind, my soul, my spirit are all feminine.

My name is not ‘mama’, ‘baby’, ‘sexy’,

unless you ACTUALLY know me.

And even then, remember – I have a name,

and I’d appreciate it if you used it to address me.

Bounce and Twinkle

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

I want you to know that one day boys will make you cry.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

The world can be a scary place and many people lie.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will fall many times, no matter what (or how hard) you try.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will question your steps and tear yourself apart.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

Your world will always change as will your eyes.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

Sometimes it will hurt and you will go through hard times.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will grow up fast and it may not make sense right now.

But listen to me now little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

All the hardships you go through will be worth the sweat, tears and your time.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will figure out your standards and which boy will be worth your time.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will see world’s beauty and learn from people who lie.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

Your strength will intensify with every fall as you get up and once again try.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will learn to love and accept yourself for all of your greatness and all that you are.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will embrace, and grow with, change, especially when times are hard.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

Your pain will carry your lessons, elevate your spirit and shape some of who you are.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will gain wisdom and use it to help others, although sometimes it will make them cry.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

You will go many places and you will climb very high.

Because you see, little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

There is nothing you will not be able to do, if you want to and give it your best try.

Little girl, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye,

I love you for the person you’ve grown into, for your fearlessness and for your love to soar in the sky and just fly!


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