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between the notes

Photo © T.Nikic, 2013.



noun si·lence \ˈsī-lən(t)s\
  1. 1:  forbearance from speech or noise :  muteness —often used interjectionally

  2. 2:  absence of sound or noise :  stillness in the silence of the night

  3. 3:  absence of mention: a :  oblivion, obscurity b :  secrecy weapons research was conducted in silence



Sometimes it’s the silence between the notes

Which makes the song.

The pause, which allows the note before

And the note after it

To be heard and understood.

We write songs in our daily lives

Often without knowing it.

We pause before replying,

We walk away,

We breathe.

It’s what determines the song’s melody.

If I had to tell you

What my last song was about

I’d say it was about fears

And that it’s important we face them.

It’s about wounds and scars,

Covered up and bound with

Band-Aids and bandages

Which, at some point,

Need to be ripped off.

It’s about being present,

In the moment,

Without definition, expectation or direction,

Where one exists as they are.

It’s about staying in the moment

And trusting that that space will evolve,



Grant life, beauty.

It’s about meeting another’s gaze,

Without looking away,

Not being scared of that sacred space.

It’s about SOULfood

Where freedom exists

And there are no limits

Placed on humanity

Or creativity

Or BEing.

When one song ends,

The silence before the first note of the next

Will surely be of influence.

And when the new song starts

Listen carefully,

Because it just might be the song

Which becomes the oyster shell

For your heart.

Honouring Dr Maya Angelou


"The rose is without why, It blooms because it blooms, It cares not for itself, Ask not if it is seen"~Johannes Scheffler  (Photo © T.Nikic)

“The rose is without why,
It blooms because it blooms,
It cares not for itself,
Ask not if it is seen”~Johannes Scheffler
(Photo © T.Nikic)

June 28th will mark one month since Dr Maya Angelou’s passing. I have wanted to write this since, but I simply wasn’t ready. I suppose you could say that I needed some time to process and reflect on the lessons I gained from her books, her poetry, her wit, her wisdom, her grace.


This blog was inspired by her. In fact the title, ARainbowInTheClouds, was inspired by the words I heard her speak in person. The very first blog post is about the time I saw Dr Angelou speak in Toronto. (You can read it here: http://wp.me/p1AZhb-6 .)


I watched the live streaming of Dr Angelou’s wake on June 7th+8th at home (you can watch it here: http://new.livestream.com/wfu/angelou ). I cried through most of it. It was such a wonderful celebration of joy, which she exuded much of. There were some powerful and amazing things said about Dr Angelou which I noted.


“As long as we have time, we should keep the courage to begin again.”~Bill Clinton sharing what he learned from Dr Angelou.

“When I look at you, I am really looking at mySelf in a different costume.”~Oprah sharing what Dr Angelou taught her.

“Anything that diminishes a human being, diminishes all of us.”~Guy Johnson on what his mother taught him.



After her passing, I went through my own meditation and reflections of her lessons, which I did through this sketch of her:

Dr Maya Angelou Charcoal, graphite and pastel on paper

Dr Maya Angelou
Charcoal, graphite and pastel on paper


The greatest honour, I believe, that Dr Angelou was given at her wake is this one:


“Sequined in the black velvet sky of night,

shines a star with fiery hot, fire possessed,

leading all those who wish to claim what is right

to look within themselves and find their best.

Over my life shines this glorious beacon,

lighting my path through the dark shadow land.

With this as my guide

I shall not weaken my strive

to be a strong but gentle man.

Others had been led by its incandescence

to be more than mere flesh and bone.

To love and be loved is its true essence

for only the heart can change this world of stone.

Thus fortune graces me like none other

for this star,

this nova,

is my mother.”~Guy Johnson’s poem for his mother, Dr Maya Angelou



Dr Angelou, you believed that words are things which seep into everything – walls, hair, hearts, spirit. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the love, lessons, life and wisdom you shared with the world. I agree with you – courage is the most important of all the virtues. It takes courage to love, to speak the truth, to forgive, to engage in our own soul flight. As I am typing this, I am watching birds in flight, high in the sky, and I am reminded, once again, why the caged bird not only sings, but is free – we all are, when we learn how to fly the wings of our soul, our spirit. Thank you.




“Love heals. Heals and liberates. I use the word LOVE, not meaning sentimentality, but a condition so strong that it may be that which holds the stars in their heavenly positions and that which causes the blood to flow orderly in our veins.”~Maya Angelou

Dear Waldo…

Dear Waldo,

I am writing you this letter in order to express my confusion and disbelief about the life you have chosen to lead all these years. This isn’t a criticism and I hope that you don’t take it as that. I also hope that you don’t mind the fact that I am posting it publicly on my blog…but to be real, you’re nowhere to be found!

Image credit: http://bit.ly/yGdNAs

First of all, you should know that you’re an amazing individual and I absolutely love you. But I never really get to show you so and that frustrates me. It’s almost as if you only stay around long enough to give me a glimpse of you but not long enough to really know you, know you. You have a great personality and characteristics I look for in friends and loves, but the reality is that you remain a mystery to me….and to others as well. You don’t allow anyone to get very close and if you start to let someone in, you easily withdraw at the slightest evidence of a relationship blooming. It’s like everyone else’s walls are 3 feet high but yours are touching the sky. How do you move around so fast and get to so many places when you have such tall, heavy fences?

Maybe to you all this is just a show and you gain joy from interacting with others at a safe distance – where you’re close enough to see them in their space and element but far enough so that they can’t really pinpoint yours. I always wonder if that’s the reason you go away so much and usually don’t stay in touch on a regular basis. Do you fear people seeing you and all of your faces? We all have them, just so you know.

I’m not saying that you have to be best friends with every person you meet but when you have a great connection with someone, allow yourself to explore it. Just like you, that person is scared too. They don’t really know you and they know that you can hurt them too. But the thing is, great connections don’t come by too often and when you recognize them as such, please remember that they deserve your all – you can’t keep coming and going because that will hurt the other person who you’ve assumed to be demanding and in your face because they care to know (and rightfully ask!) how you’re doing and what it is that you’re up to. They’re not asking for a detailed report of your day, they just want to be a part of your life as much as they’ve allowed you to be a part of theirs. There is nothing wrong with this, actually.

Tomorrow is not promised nor guaranteed. There is a high probability that that person is not asking for the moon and the stars nor magic carpet rides that the fairy tales sold to kids in movies which are animated. They just want to get to know you and enjoy some quality time with you. Yes, you could be their happy place. It is not promised to be that way always, but if it is so right now, allow it to be. Explore the feelings that come – you never know where they’ll take you.

They say life isn’t really living if you keep running so I say – stay a while and play a hand! You’ll never lose – what’s meant to be will be and everything else gets tossed in a bin called “life experiences” which holds a whole lot of “lessons” and leave you with a forever-giving, priceless gift called “wisdom”.

I’d appreciate a reply to this letter, my dearest Waldo. Perhaps not to me personally, but to those who love you and who are trying to figure out why and how you’ve become so disconnected. Well at least, think about it.

With love and a whole lot of faith in you,



It’s A Start…

Trevi Fountain, Roma 2011

We sit here in depth

conversing about life and its deaths,

love and regrets,

it’s battles and pains,

knowing full well it’s really in its beginning stages.

You look at me

with eyes filled with tears,

for the pain inside of you

has only now been given the permission

to come out and show through

the facade of the ego,

which has kept you cold and cool…

yet confused and overwhelmed…

lost and needy….

alone and lonely….

giving yet driven.

Turns out

you’ve got years of life

to feel, sort through, forgive and let go of.

It’s going to be a lot of work,


You do have to go through it all,

just take it slow.

Become The Alchemist

of your heart’s truth!

Your treasure awaits

and next to it

are the open arms of your

true soul mate.




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