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Colour Transcendence

This poem is for every solider of Love.

I see you. I feel you. I appreciate you.

You, your work, your life, your spirit, ALL matter.

Love, T


I chose this army green for my toes (nails)

Cuz I’ve been a soldier for years

Though I didn’t expect you to know.

I’ve been walking these trenches of life’s tests and lessons

Trying to figure out my purpose

And the reasons for these hardships

But on my hands I went with a

White-out white to remind me

To rise above the trenches

And step into the light.

It’s hard to do that,

Yes I know,

But my mission in this life

Is to lead with love

And I can’t do that

If I’m constantly looking over my shoulder

Or looking back to a past that was.

I realize that I am love, and

With it comes responsibility

To lead…lead….love…love…lead…

With the knowledge I’ll be doing it

While constantly facing my fears and insecurities,

Knowing that not everyone will get it

Knowing that it’s not a

One-time-show-love-and-it-will-change-everything kind of ride,

But stand tall, show up every day

And lead your life with love.

Love. Love. Love. Love.


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