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Hey Love!

It’s been a minute since I’ve written you, and I just wanted to take some time to reach out and reconnect with you.

I realized a while back how difficult life must have been for you the last little while, while you’ve been fighting for your heart. And you know what? I can relate to that. I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a space that’s too painful to stay in but feels too deep to reach its light. But I can tell you that despite wanting to run away, you must move through the pain – feel it, work through it – walk slowly but surely towards the light source so that your heart will know its worth.

I know that there were many times you wanted to just turn around, run back, and leave your heart behind…fear does that. It doesn’t make you any less courageous, that’s just you being human.

I also know that each step you take towards the light and through the pain, is a step closer to your essence, and that makes you beautiful.

A walk towards your Self is a walk towards love. That makes it the most important walk you’ll ever take.

So you think you’ll find your heart shattered in pieces once you get there, eh? Well guess what?! Each step you take is like taking a piece of a puzzle, dipping it in light glue, and placing it next to another piece you’d like it to be next to. And it’s ok if the pieces weren’t side-by-side before. This is your chance to create YOUR Self you’ve always dreamt of being. Imagine! YOU can become WHOMEVER you want to BE even if you’re way past adolescence and puberty! Even if you’re no longer in a space where you feel invincible, as if you can conquer the world, YOU CAN.

Each battle you’ve fought that you’ve chosen to allow it to lead you farther away from your heart, holds a lesson you have to go back to and revisit, so that you can move forward with this ‘new’ heart, this ‘new’ Self, YOU create! That’s exciting, isn’t it?! I remember when I first started, it was the longest and hardest walk I even ventured out on. But I kept pushing through, kept moving forward, stayed centred to that light I was moving towards. When I finally reached it, I received the greatest rewards:


What are you waiting for?

I love you, this I hope you know. I believe in you, and I must tell  you so. And don’t you ever forget that YOU are BEAUTIFUL.

Now GO!



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