Love Scars

Inside cover of Lenny Kravitz' album "It Is Time For A Love Revolution"

Inside cover of Lenny Kravitz’ album “It Is Time For A Love Revolution”

This poem is for the old us.

This poem is for who we are right now.

This poem is for every unborn child.

This poem is for who we’ve yet to become.



One day, this body will bear signs of love

In form of scars.

They will be proudly shown off

Even when the skin won’t be so taught.


One day, you’ll see my skin

And you’ll see these scars as a form of art,

For they connect my skin to my heart

And tell you a story I may have

Forgotten about.


One day, I’ll stand before you naked,

While fully clothed,

And in my eyes

You’ll see the scars and the stories untold.


One day, my children will want to know

Why my skin still glows

Despite the scars that mark it

And the imperfections it holds,

And then is when I’ll tell them

About love in form of scars,


For love is that light you see with your heart,

Whose warmth you feel with your soul.

And that is why I stand tall

Proudly showing off my scars of love,

For every mark that love has left

Made me more beautiful.

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