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NOT A Love Poem

This poem is meant to reflect my thoughts on attachments we tend to make to others, relationships, love, which we have to be careful of because one thing that MUST remain is US staying true to OUR SELVES. ALWAYS BE REAL!




This is not a love poem

I am just sharing my truth.

This is not a love poem

I am simply confused.


I lie awake,

In the early hours of this day,

Thinking of your smile,

Your face, your touch,

Your hands, and

All that I’ll say to you…

One day.


But until that day comes

I’ll just write it down now

For my thoughts are running

Wild but this is not a love poem.


You turn me into a walking

Happy AND laughing Smiley.

You make my insides smile.

And at the same time,

You give me such crazy butterflies that I get the runs!

What is that?!


I am not sure that

I can ask you to explain

This to me but these feelings lift me,

Though this is not a love poem.


Many a days

I wish that you were there,

When I close my eyes at night,

That we’re lying side-by-side

And in the morning

When I wake up

I wish that I was

Being held in your arms.


But these desires I’m yet

To express to you

Though the yearning ignites a feeling inside,

This is not a love poem

I’m just writing down my thoughts.


And I suppose that you should know –

I stay in something

Not because of the possibilities it promises

But because of the realities it shows

And often it strikes me that

With you, I wanted it all.


But this is not a love poem

I am just sharing my truth.

This is not a love poem

Though I am no longer confused….

Despite all the amazing qualities you displayed,

You failed your interview process

And your position was terminated.


You can watch my performance of this poem and Ready Now here:


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