Ready now.

Dedicated to Love…and loving hearts everywhere.

May you find the courage to love, starting with your Self, and more importantly, may you find the courage to let in the love of another who loves you courageously.



I think it was somewhere in your eyes

Which just happen to be my favorite color of a beautiful soul

That I saw truths of my own.

I realize that

This journey of life makes no sense to me

Unless we give…

But I don’t have much to give you right now

Except this heart I’ve managed to put back together

And it was just recently

That I found tape strong enough

To keep the broken pieces together

While it heals.

I know it’s not the best looking heart

But it works well, I swear!

It has much love to give…

To the one who won’t deliberately break it into all of those pieces again.

But who am I to tell you not to judge a book by its cover

When it is I who saw your heart

And decided that based on the tape

You’ve used to hold it together

Your heart wasn’t capable of loving or giving.

It is kind of ironic

That I thought that

Since what I actually saw, and I realize this now,

Is that your heart mirrors mine.

And it doesn’t matter how we’ve put our hearts back together

Until we each choose to put each of our hearts to use and love another

We won’t be able to heal completely

Because what loving another provides is that practice we need

To suture the pieces together mindfully.

And I cannot tell you whom to love

Or to even try

All I know is that my heart

Is ready to love a heart

That reflects mine.

Knowing that actually makes my heart smile.

Love, it is with joy in my soul

That I can honestly say

I am ready now.

I am in no rush,

So do take your time,

But when you’re ready,

I hope you accept the love

Of this imperfect heart of mine.


About arainbowintheclouds

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page! *** About me? I am a woman who constantly seeks knowledge and experiences which feed my soul, make me think, feel, reflect and learn. I seek, respect, love and live the TRUTH. Whatever it is, however it's packaged, whomever it comes from, wherever I find it. I love intellectual conversations and I LOVE LIVING! * Background: I obtained two degrees back-to-back while working as a pharmacy technician. I competed as a fitness model during the last two years of my second degree and was involved in the fitness industry for some time. I had written poetry and stories when I was younger but had put it all on hold during my studies. After spending a few years getting back to T, I decided to share my writing with the world. *** Sending positive energy your way! *** T *** PS Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! **** ALL posts © Copyright of Tamara Nikic as dated. View all posts by arainbowintheclouds

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