Sometimes I write myself notes in my phone which I end up re-reading a long time after they’ve left my brain. This was one of them. Now I want to make sure that I state this because it’s important: THIS IS NOT DIRECTED AT ANYONE. I wrote these lines in reflection of my experiences AND my friends’ experiences of non-platonic relationships. It’s almost a bit of an extension of my last post “‘Dysfunctional’. ‘Relationships’.” ( )…written way before I wrote that last post. It DOES apply to both sexes (I know…personally.).

Anyway, I have come to realize that there are WAY TOO MANY broken hearts walking around, simply breathing, but the truth is, no one can fix a broken heart except its owner. This poem is meant to reflect that. We have to make some choices in our lives – about who we are, who we want to be, who we want to have in our life – and yes, in order to be able to move forward, those decisions are mandatory. But please, don’t get ‘stuck’ on only your feelings because they may lead you to ride emotional roller coasters…and those aren’t healthy for anyone. Yes, listen to your truth, AND look at the reality of the situation you were in too.

Most importantly, find the courage within to LOVE SOMEBODY! And even bigger than that, find the courage within to LET SOMEBODY LOVE YOU!

Let’s all check ourselves.



If I am not being me,

then you’d never really know me.

But all of who I am,

just seems to scare thee.

Well, I won’t change who I truly am,

so you go ahead and erase me from your memory.

That’s what you’re trying to do, right?

Yet you’re finding it hard, huh?

Some call it emotions,

others feelings,

others love jones…

whatever you call it,

when it catches up to you unexpectedly,

it can be quite overwhelming.

So you gonna stand tall, face and embrace ’em?

Or you gonna stick to your original plan and run away?

Decide quickly ‘cuz either you’re walking with me

or you need to move and get out of my way.

I can’t stand in this spot I am standing in.

It’s not my place.

Embrace me or give me my space.


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Namaste and thank you for visiting my page! | I am a human being committed to living in alignment with my soul and true self. New lessons are welcome and change is embraced in my world. | I obtained two degrees back-to-back and though I had written poetry and stories when I was younger, that part of my creativity ceased during my studies. I decided to share in this format when I began the rediscovery of the artist in me. May my lessons serve you. | Feel free to leave a comment, send me a message or connect on Twitter or Instagram @tamaranikic. T | ALL posts © Copyright of Tamara Nikic as dated. View all posts by arainbowintheclouds

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