I wrote this poem about three years ago.

I often surprise myself when I re-read some of my older work…the insight that it holds…the honesty…the truth…the reflections I wrote down which I didn’t understand at the time I wrote it.

I think there are some who will relate although now I am in a different heart space.

Much love,



I look in the mirror, I look deep.

I’m trying to find that woman who I know lives inside of me.


She’s been through a lot.

She’s seen a lot.

She’s loved deep.

She’s been hurt deeper.

She wants to love again, but she’s not sure how.

She’s scared.


The woman who I want to be, lies deep inside of me.

The woman who I want to be, wants to live again.


She wants to give again.

She wants to love again.

She wants to be loved.

She wants a man who’ll meet her all the way, who’ll care.

But she’s scared.


The woman who lies deep inside of me isn’t lonely, but she’s alone.

The woman who lies deep inside of me is strong.


She will be someone’s rock.

But she’ll allow that someone to be her rock too.

She will have someone’s back no matter what.

But she’ll need that someone to be there no matter what.

She’s not found that someone so she’s still scared.


That woman who lies deep inside of me wonders if she’ll stay there forever…

…or if a man will come along and show her that it’s safe to come out and be.

I guess she’s still waiting….

We’ll just have to wait and see….


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Hello! Thank you for visiting my page! *** About me? I am a woman who constantly seeks knowledge and experiences which feed my soul, make me think, feel, reflect and learn. I seek, respect, love and live the TRUTH. Whatever it is, however it's packaged, whomever it comes from, wherever I find it. I love intellectual conversations and I LOVE LIVING! * Background: I obtained two degrees back-to-back while working as a pharmacy technician. I competed as a fitness model during the last two years of my second degree and was involved in the fitness industry for some time. I had written poetry and stories when I was younger but had put it all on hold during my studies. After spending a few years getting back to T, I decided to share my writing with the world. *** Sending positive energy your way! *** T *** PS Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! **** ALL posts © Copyright of Tamara Nikic as dated. View all posts by arainbowintheclouds

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