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Child of war…

I don’t remember the exact date, but I must have been going through some kind of a low, when I wrote this poem. None-the-less, it’s real.

In light of what’s been happening around our city, I felt that it was fitting to share it now…children need love and guidance.

 Keep your head up. We ALL go through stuff. Just remember that the stuff we go through as children, stays with us forever. Even AFTER we work through it…

Our stories may be different, but we could be feeling the same…and we must take care of our children.

One love,



Do you remember being a kid?

Playing outside with your friends?

Loving life and hoping those happy feelings never end?

I wish I had had more of that

It was too short

I needed more time

No one will know

What happens to a child’s growth as a result of war

Except the people who they try to become afterwards

The feeling of being crippled

Emotionally and mentally

It creeps up as your worst dreams unfold

You don’t know how to trust

You don’t know how to love

You don’t know how to feel

Why can’t it just go away?

Why can’t I go outside to play?

Why does it make me feel this way?

I deal with it for it’s always there

A silent battle

That I lose every day

How do I get out?

I want to be able to feel and love

I want to live life and trust

Will it take one person?

Will it take more than that?

Do I ask for help or keep working alone trying to work it all out?

We live in daydreams

In our big houses

Within these large cities

But I feel lost and cold

I got a roof over my head

I’m not all alone

Do you understand?

Do you want to know?

Is anyone listening to me in this busy crazy world?

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