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Let’s Be One…

I gave birth to this poem this morning, en route to work, while listening to music on my iPod. I dedicate it to those who struggle to find balance, but still work on finding time for, ‘the little stuff’ that makes life, life…the stuff that makes it worth all the sacrifice(s). For those in conflict, I hope you are able to resolve it. For those in love, I hope you nurture it. And for those in hope, don’t ever lose it.~T


Let’s be one…

under the moon

or the sun,

under rainbows

or clouds,

when the tides come in

and the oceans rise,

or when the flower petals

stretch their arms towards the sun.

Let’s be one….

when the leaves change colours,

when the ground starts glistening

as the fall rain washes it,

or when the first snowflakes

touch our noses,

and Jack Frost creates

funny patterns on our windows

in the mornings.

Let’s be one….

when our minds become hazy

from our crazy workday,

when time seems to escape us

and we miss our date night,

when we forget to call

and regret the fact that we

made each other think

we didn’t care enough.

Let’s be one….

in joy or sorrow,

for even the promise of tomorrow

cannot make us escape our moment

of right now,

as we stay in it,

live in it,

breathe in it,

love each other with all of our might,

as we look into each other’s eyes

and realize that

the world will be cruel

and take away from OUR time

but in the end we’ll return

to each other

and choose to remain


as one.

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