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Strong (?), Independent (?) WOMAN (!)

I wrote this poem for two people. One, I wrote it for HER – the strong, independent woman – just to let her know that it’s okay that she feels all this and that she is not alone. But even more so, I wrote it for HIM – the man – who, despite wanting to be with her, is either finding himself intimidated or unworthy or a little helpless in that he just cannot match everything she already has but forgets that she, just like him, really wants the same thing…togetherness.

Love, T


They seem to always pray on

strong independent women.

I guess they figure

once they leave her,

she’ll be fine

dealing with

the emotional mess


they leave behind.

>>Because she’s independent,

and strong,

she can deal with it!<<

No repercussions

of their actions

on her heart

or mind…right?!


No, actually,

they’re all wrong.

She feels too, you know!

Broken promises

are empty words now,

their meaning

lost where

they buried

her dreams of

having a relationship

with a man who’ll

say what he means

and actually mean it.

A man who will

be there

and not leave when

there’s work to be done

or time to be spent.

A man who won’t sell her

the possibility of

what could be,

lifting her into a realm of


which seems like

it could finally be

HER reality,

but then….

But then he

drops her

and leaves her

where she was

before HE walked in.


She is alone again

but now

she has to deal with

all of these

new feelings.

Like resentment,

for being sold a dream

which couldn’t be.

Because she always

hated falling asleep

and waking up


but HE didn’t know.

She never told him

that he wasn’t

just filling a void

nor was she

settling for HIM –

the truth is,

she wanted

him there.

His arms

wrapped around her

like he’ll

never let her go.

Good morning kisses

that lead to more

loving caresses

and…you know,

all the other things

that people


tend to do.

That message

in the middle of her day

which asked more

than the question:

“How’s your day going Babe?”

but also said:

“I’m thinking of you

as I’m working and

I know

that this small gesture will

bring a smile to

your face.”

And she resents

not having

someone else

to cook dinner for

because she actually

liked having HIM

come home to her.

So he took away

the possibility of THEM

when HE left

and left HER –

this strong (?)

independent (?)

woman(!) –


Now she realizes that

she doesn’t really like

being independent

and strong

all the time

and that she liked

HIS company

and HIS love…

even if

he could stay for

only a little while

‘cuz this

strong, independent woman

now simply misses

his smile.

Don’t you just

love it when

they ask:

“You’re an independent woman,

and you’re strong, so

what do you actually need a man for?”

And perhaps

the answer

which she’ll continue

to give them is:

>>I guess you’ll never know.<<

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