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Let’s Be One…

I gave birth to this poem this morning, en route to work, while listening to music on my iPod. I dedicate it to those who struggle to find balance, but still work on finding time for, ‘the little stuff’ that makes life, life…the stuff that makes it worth all the sacrifice(s). For those in conflict, I hope you are able to resolve it. For those in love, I hope you nurture it. And for those in hope, don’t ever lose it.~T


Let’s be one…

under the moon

or the sun,

under rainbows

or clouds,

when the tides come in

and the oceans rise,

or when the flower petals

stretch their arms towards the sun.

Let’s be one….

when the leaves change colours,

when the ground starts glistening

as the fall rain washes it,

or when the first snowflakes

touch our noses,

and Jack Frost creates

funny patterns on our windows

in the mornings.

Let’s be one….

when our minds become hazy

from our crazy workday,

when time seems to escape us

and we miss our date night,

when we forget to call

and regret the fact that we

made each other think

we didn’t care enough.

Let’s be one….

in joy or sorrow,

for even the promise of tomorrow

cannot make us escape our moment

of right now,

as we stay in it,

live in it,

breathe in it,

love each other with all of our might,

as we look into each other’s eyes

and realize that

the world will be cruel

and take away from OUR time

but in the end we’ll return

to each other

and choose to remain


as one.

Integrity…Are you standing in it???

“In the power to change yourself is the power to change the world around you.”~ Anwar Sadat

Just like most things I write about, I have either experienced it myself or seen someone close to me experience it and go through it. That being said, I’m not trying to go on a rant about what people should or shouldn’t do but I did want to discuss one big thing which I think is lacking big time within my generation but also amongst our society in general. And that thing, amongst other things in my opinion, is integrity.

Somehow, I’ve seen a decrease in the ability of people to not just be real with others but also with themselves. Now when I say “BE REAL” what I am talking about is being honest, following through with your word (or words), being trustworthy and not lowering your standards of living or of who you are for anything or anyone.

It seems that people are selling themselves out for very small things – a lot of time it’s money, other times it’s fame, other times it’s a fear of something – but really what it does is it lowers their integrity amongst other people, and it changes people’s opinions, of them. Now I’m not one who lives by what people think or say HOWEVER, if I want to have quality relationships or friendships or partnerships with other people and most importantly, if I want to be happy with myself and the life I live, then that means that I do act out and stand in my own integrity.

Just this past week I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t make it to an event which I wanted to go to, although the person who was organizing was gracious enough to give me two free tickets to it. Although I had every intention of going, it was just impossible for me to make it and although it was a last-minute change of plans, I contacted them as soon as I realized this, to apologize and let them know of the situation. They weren’t very happy with me (and I wouldn’t have been very happy if I was in their shoes either) but I didn’t just shy away from the situation I found myself in. I recognized my own downfall and COMMUNICATED it. I think often people fail to do just that – communicate. Now whether or not this person is able to forgive me and understand, that’s on THEM to do so and it is THEIR choice. I didn’t assume that they would or wouldn’t see it my way but I did let them know the situation and let them decide how they will feel or handle it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t still feel bad about it or that I’m less remorseful but what it means is that I was an adult about it. And no, I am not asking for approval or disapproval from anyone NOR am I putting this out to reach that person and to make them see that – that’s called drama and T just doesn’t roll like that! – but I am using it as an example to say that we’re all just human beings. We’re not perfect nor could we expect of ourselves to be. BUT even though at times we fail to do things which we’ve decided to commit to doing, we can STILL be a person of integrity.

A friend of mine and I had a long talk about that today too, with respect to relationships between men and women and how it’s REALLY hard to find someone who is actually worth spending time with mainly because a lot of people are just out there playing games and are not a person of integrity. (FYI I was speaking to a male friend and no we weren’t man-bashing!) This also goes both ways – for men and women. Women, if a man shows you interest and you have none towards him, just tell him that. He already knows that you have more interest being thrown your way than he does and he will appreciate your honesty. Men, if you want to step to a girl, do that only if you can be honest about what you can and cannot offer her. ALLOW her to make her own decision about it and don’t make the decision for her. Finally, and this goes for both sexes, KEEP IT REAL! Be a man or a woman of integrity!

Elevate not just yourself but the world you’ve created for yourself. After all, how can you expect your world and the people around to you to change, if you don’t do it yourself? Words are empty if no actions follow them, and people may not always remember what you say but they will remember how you act (or don’t) because it will make them feel something….food for thought?

Integrity….how bout we ALL start standing in it?

“You can’t control someone else’s actions, reactions or feelings. But you can be a person of integrity and KEEP IT REAL. Remember – the truth is freeing!”~T © 


Strong (?), Independent (?) WOMAN (!)

I wrote this poem for two people. One, I wrote it for HER – the strong, independent woman – just to let her know that it’s okay that she feels all this and that she is not alone. But even more so, I wrote it for HIM – the man – who, despite wanting to be with her, is either finding himself intimidated or unworthy or a little helpless in that he just cannot match everything she already has but forgets that she, just like him, really wants the same thing…togetherness.

Love, T


They seem to always pray on

strong independent women.

I guess they figure

once they leave her,

she’ll be fine

dealing with

the emotional mess


they leave behind.

>>Because she’s independent,

and strong,

she can deal with it!<<

No repercussions

of their actions

on her heart

or mind…right?!


No, actually,

they’re all wrong.

She feels too, you know!

Broken promises

are empty words now,

their meaning

lost where

they buried

her dreams of

having a relationship

with a man who’ll

say what he means

and actually mean it.

A man who will

be there

and not leave when

there’s work to be done

or time to be spent.

A man who won’t sell her

the possibility of

what could be,

lifting her into a realm of


which seems like

it could finally be

HER reality,

but then….

But then he

drops her

and leaves her

where she was

before HE walked in.


She is alone again

but now

she has to deal with

all of these

new feelings.

Like resentment,

for being sold a dream

which couldn’t be.

Because she always

hated falling asleep

and waking up


but HE didn’t know.

She never told him

that he wasn’t

just filling a void

nor was she

settling for HIM –

the truth is,

she wanted

him there.

His arms

wrapped around her

like he’ll

never let her go.

Good morning kisses

that lead to more

loving caresses

and…you know,

all the other things

that people


tend to do.

That message

in the middle of her day

which asked more

than the question:

“How’s your day going Babe?”

but also said:

“I’m thinking of you

as I’m working and

I know

that this small gesture will

bring a smile to

your face.”

And she resents

not having

someone else

to cook dinner for

because she actually

liked having HIM

come home to her.

So he took away

the possibility of THEM

when HE left

and left HER –

this strong (?)

independent (?)

woman(!) –


Now she realizes that

she doesn’t really like

being independent

and strong

all the time

and that she liked

HIS company

and HIS love…

even if

he could stay for

only a little while

‘cuz this

strong, independent woman

now simply misses

his smile.

Don’t you just

love it when

they ask:

“You’re an independent woman,

and you’re strong, so

what do you actually need a man for?”

And perhaps

the answer

which she’ll continue

to give them is:

>>I guess you’ll never know.<<

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