Going Deep….

“It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard.”~May Sarton

There’s no shame in going deep….One Love, T


For a long time, I wasn’t sure what feelings were actually made up of…

Was it of star dust or much smaller particles?

Like the atom, for example, with its nucleus of positive, in a cloud of negative charges

So that you remain balanced or maybe it’s much smaller than that –

Kind of like energy which you can’t see or touch,

Which can’t be destroyed or created,

Simply transferred or change forms, so much so that I often wonder –

Whose feelings am I channeling?

And are they well placed within my element of returning grace??

As I put them on a low shelf for they’re too heavy for travelling,

And too big to sit down with, discover and understand.

But it’s hard for a man, or another woman, but especially for a man,

To understand,

So I’ve learned not to bring it up in a conversation over tea or dinner,

During a game of seduction, which is lead by hormones, not feelings, and mood lighting, not meanings.

So I take all that to a place where others speak their own truth,

For that’s the place where I’ll go deep and lose myself in my emotions –

That is my biggest downfall and my biggest devotion –

Simply to be able to FEEL.

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Namaste and thank you for visiting my page! | I am a human being committed to living in alignment with my soul and true self. New lessons are welcome and change is embraced in my world. | I obtained two degrees back-to-back and though I had written poetry and stories when I was younger, that part of my creativity ceased during my studies. I decided to share in this format when I began the rediscovery of the artist in me. May my lessons serve you. | Feel free to leave a comment, send me a message or connect on Twitter or Instagram @tamaranikic. T | ALL posts © Copyright of Tamara Nikic as dated. View all posts by arainbowintheclouds

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