The End…or The Beginning?

I have noticed a great number of people in my life (myself included) who experienced a low of sorts, like a really bad downer, which shook their world so hard that they ‘fell’. And during their ‘fall’ they actually came to see the value of the downer for all of its lessons and the resulting growth.

On one of my trips to NYC last year, I came across a quote I wrote down:

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”~Louis L’Amour

Initially, after reading it, I wasn’t absolutely sure that I fully understood it, but the universe is funny because it shows you all that you need to, or want to learn. In my latest spiritual growth spurt I feel that I came across a few situations which helped me understand what Mr L’Amour really meant and although I won’t give you examples (I don’t feel I need to, do you? 😉 ) I’ll give you my interpretation but I’d LOVE to read yours!

I feel that all of this is a matter of perspective and CHOICE. We choose what we see and it really depends on (and I’m referencing my friend B here) mind, heart and/or spiritual state that we’re in. Make sure that you read that again – mind, heart and/or spiritual state – which will alter our perspective: ‘Is it partly cloudy or partly SUNNY?’. Another layer of this, in my opinion, is BELIEF. You really have to have faith in what you want, in the truth in your heart, believe in it and believe in what it is that you’re doing. Can you envision your future with the kind of lifestyle that you’re leading now and do you believe that it will last and take you to the heights of your personal goals? And the last bit of it is really just life and experience. We do have to live in order to learn but again learning is a choice too. It’s kind of like that really perfect apple that you bite into that’s just the right amount of sweetness, freshness and crispiness – you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it had you not bit into or even eaten a few bad ones (we all have our own way of learning, right?).

One thing we must always remember, no matter what we’re going through, weather it’s good or bad is that THIS, too, shall pass. Change is inevitable and I suppose that’s another thing Mr L’Amour was referring to as well.

On a personal note, I’d just like to express my gratitude to YOU for reading my thoughts.

Much love,



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