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Deceit Of The Sun…

I am sitting here

On this big, chocolate, marshmallow

Which often cradles me to sleep,

On this sunny Thursday morning,

Enjoying the warmth of the sun’s rays,

Reaching my cold feet.


The bright sunshine is deceiving

Because the wind outside is cold.

I wear layers of protection

So that the cold can’t reach my innermost core.

But the wind is sharp and strong…

It seems to find a way

To reach me,

No matter how heavy-duty the gear I wear is.


I hate this cold,

Although from the side of the window I look out from,

It doesn’t look cold at all.

Well, maybe it does

But I just can’t see it

Because the sun captures me and warms my cold feet

So I can’t see it’s deception

Because it’s SUCH a great deceit!

And here is where I ask –

Why didn’t anyone on the outside warn me or tell me?!

Shouldn’t it be our social responsibility,

To warn another human being

About what outside holds for her?

The weather man and the news lie,

And on you she relies

But you stay quiet like you know nothing

And have nothing to say…

But as soon as she steps outside

She sees your face

And your eyes shoot out bolts of fear.

Yeah you’re scared!

Not of her ‘cuz she won’t do anything

To hurt you

But you’re afraid to speak up

And tell her the truth

‘Cuz the sun is much bigger than you

But you forget –

On the inside,

It’s burning up and slowly dying….

Just like you.


Yet again I encourage you

To face your fear –



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