Lovely Broken Soul,

I know that you are broken,

And that you feel empty and lost,

Everything seems to have come at you at once

You feel the pull in all directions

even as you stand still, not moving,

barely able to breathe.

Overwhelmed by life and everyone’s doing.

I see the sadness in your eyes

I sense the pain you’re hiding

I know that you are trying to stay strong

But the time has come when you have to let all of this go.

You need a break, a release

You must regain your inner peace.

Your greatness you hide behind a facade

of heavy lifting and a strict lifestyle.

For it gives you a sense of something you can control

It’s not something which has torn you apart….

until now.

Dear love,

you need to cry and let your soul know that it’s

still alive.

Let your heart feel the pain so that it can love again.

Life doesn’t wait and we must appreciate being here still.

For all of those who have left us,

they did not want our souls to die with them.

Remembering them should remind us to live so that we can keep loving them…

So that their memory and legacy lives not in our pain but in our light.

You will cry, for the memories often tug at our hearts for the release…

Know that it’s okay and that it does not make you weak

All those years of pain you have felt has become heavy on your chest

Making it hard to breathe or rest.

Now that you have the time,

let it all go.

Feel what you must just don’t allow the pain to grow anymore.

Learn to let go and be light.

My greatest hope is that I see you in flight,

high in the sky,

making rainbows in the clouds whenever you have

the need to cry.

I love you so my friend

and this I hope you always remember to know,

lovely, soon-to-be un-broken, soul.



About arainbowintheclouds

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page! *** About me? I am a woman who constantly seeks knowledge and experiences which feed my soul, make me think, feel, reflect and learn. I seek, respect, love and live the TRUTH. Whatever it is, however it's packaged, whomever it comes from, wherever I find it. I love intellectual conversations and I LOVE LIVING! * Background: I obtained two degrees back-to-back while working as a pharmacy technician. I competed as a fitness model during the last two years of my second degree and was involved in the fitness industry for some time. I had written poetry and stories when I was younger but had put it all on hold during my studies. After spending a few years getting back to T, I decided to share my writing with the world. *** Sending positive energy your way! *** T *** PS Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! **** ALL posts © Copyright of Tamara Nikic as dated. View all posts by arainbowintheclouds

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