The Janet Jackson Experience….

Janet Jackson on stage at The Sony Centre in Toronto, March 2011

March 2011

I had decided I would attend the Janet Jackson concert when I learned that she was going to perform in Toronto. I bought a ticket for the Sunday performance (there were two dates booked here) of her intimate, 39-(I think)-city tour and she was only performing her biggest hits i.e. THROWBACKS! I have a great appreciation and love for ‘old’-skul music so, although I was not close to the stage, I was VERY excited.

After figuring out how to get to the correct section of the auditorium, I did not pay too much attention to people around me, as I had reached my seat just as the opening act (Mindless Behaviour) was performing. The time between the opening act and before Ms Jackson graced the stage I spent figuring out how my camera works (I’m not the most camera savvy person).

As soon as Ms Jackson stepped on stage, even though I was very far from it, I felt her beautiful energy transcend across the entire auditorium. It was absolutely incredible. I sang along with the crowd and sincerely had a GREAT TIME.

Perhaps this is a good place to mention that I did attend the show alone because no one who I had asked, wanted to go. I fully encourage solo outings – they ARE fun! Perhaps I’m not the most normal person in the world but then again, who is?! 😉 In any case, I’m encouraging you to consider it. 🙂

The concert ended and I reflected how much I loved the trip down memory lane which Ms Jackson took me on. I am certain that everyone who was there that evening felt the same way too.

As I was putting on my coat and getting ready to leave, I was greeted with an “Excuse me” by a man who was sitting a row or two behind me. He told me that he noticed that I was able to zoom in with my camera and obtain some really good close-up shots and he was wondering if I would share them with him. I said yes and gave him my email address. At first I thought he just wanted better pictures than what he was able to take with his own camera but when I received an email from him a day or two later, he explained that he wanted to use my videos to put together his own video of the concert as a gift to his sister, who was unable to attend. I thought that sounded cool but didn’t really think too much of it.

For me, it was a lot of work sharing the videos as I had to figure out how to upload such large files to YouTube. Remember – I’m not camera savvy so imagine how much I knew about videos! To be honest I thought, “Why am I doing this for someone I don’t even know?” but as I am a woman of her word, I decided to just suck it up and remember that all this new YouTube knowledge I was obtaining just might be useful in the future. (It WAS useful for the Sade concert AND Dr Maya Angelou talk!***) A few days later, I finally had all the videos up for sharing and I sent the links thinking “Whatever he does with this, I hope he does it well.”.

After a few weeks of no communication, I thought that perhaps I wouldn’t get to see his final product. He seemed like a genuinely nice person and I didn’t think my gut instinct was wrong but he was a complete stranger….. I felt that I did my part in sharing and then simply forgot about it.

A week later, I got an email. With a link. Of an almost 30 minute video montage. A well put-together video montage! As I watched it, I thought how lucky I was to have met him! He composed a great momento of the concert not just for his sister but for everyone who was a Janet Jackson fan AND I was a part of that! Very cool, right?! 🙂

Thought I’d pay it forward and share with everyone else. You’ll find the YouTube link below. 🙂


Link to the Janet Jackson concert video montage:

***Link to Sade concert blog:

***Link to Dr Maya Angelou blog:


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