The Power of Words

I suppose this is my tribute, as well as a reminder, to all teachers – as we grow we often remember your words. I happen to be blessed with some beautiful encouragement and inspiration.*


Mrs Dostanic, my home room teacher in Bosnia (grade 1 through 4) once told my parents during a parent-teacher interview, “Tamara is like a cat. No matter what height she jumps from, she’ll always land on her feet.” I’ve carried her words with me my entire life and I remember them every time fear shows up.

I dug out my old yearbooks and read through some of the comments people signed. (It was lots of fun – many laughs!) I chose to share some of the comments written by my teachers because many of them motivated me to follow through with whatever I was doing, time and time again.

I hope that every teacher knows that they are some of our most important rainbows.


* Words are very powerful. You never know who is listening to what you’re saying or who is reading what you’re writing, just know that your words will be heard or read by someone. 


If you have any inspiring words someone once wrote or said to you, please share! I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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Mrs Matty was my Gr 8 home room teacher. I felt like she always looked out for me.

In Gr 8 I joined the Karaoke club and Mr West was the teacher advisor. I still sing happily...just off key!

Mrs Rutkowska was my Gr 9 French teacher. Unfortunately, I did not continue learning French...but I do think I've kept a good energy flow.

Mr Steponas was my geography teacher. I remember he had a strong sense of awareness of worldly events and people around him. I definitely made this one of my standards.

Mr Johnson, my chemistry teacher, was the toughest, grumpy-est and feared by all students...well, except for me. I will always ♥ him and remember him for being an original.

By Mrs Hume, the school librarian. I remember shedding tears when I read this. I carry these words with me and remember them often...

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