Be One of MY Heroes!

Just like an onion, every one of us has many layers and depths. Some, we allow others to see, but many remain hidden and protected from the outside world. The layers include multitudes of talents and skills, our thoughts, ideas, dreams and beliefs. Somewhere in there lies our greatness. We can choose to either hold on to it OR utilize it to realize all of what we want to achieve. I have been thinking about accomplishments, rather people’s accomplishments within their lifetimes.

I took some time to reflect on my own accomplishments and the things I’ve done in my life thus far. Then I thought about my parents’, my friends’, and the achievements of the different people I’ve had the pleasure to know or meet. And I realized one very important thing. We, ALL of us, have many different interests and goals in life that we’d like to be able to explore and achieve. It could be ANYTHING from learning how to play an instrument or a certain dance, obtaining a higher degree of education, writing a book, composing a song, moving to a new place, running your own business, starting a blog….. 😉

Perhaps due to fear (of trying something new or thinking that we can’t), I’ve noticed that often we get “stuck” in the everyday “stuff” of our lives and somehow put aside those dreams and ideas we have. Other times we go through a hardship and then ‘shut down’ so to speak – emotionally or mentally – and don’t move past it. In other circumstances, we choose to settle for the life we DO have, even with the knowledge that we can do more, because we’re happy with where we are. In all of those situations, our thought process rules the outcome of our lives and what we accomplish.

I’d like to make a side note here in regards to “financial limitations” which is the most common ‘reason’ people use to NOT do something. I actually do not consider lack of money to be a limitation in doing anything for if there is a will, there is a way. A prime example are my own parents. After losing everything during the war in Bosnia, my family was in poverty. We literally went from being upper-middle class to having NOTHING. My parents brought us to Canada and started over from NOTHING. And guess what? My parents are part of the middle class now and have achieved success! How? Hard work, and NOT giving up! My dad’s big line when coming to Canada was “I can be a factory worker if all else fails, but I’m going to try to do more first.” and he did (note the thought process). I do not think that there is anything wrong with working any type of job.

I would like to point out that no matter what you choose to do or not do in your life, you’re not being judged by anyone nor are you meant to live up to anyone’s standards or expectations. In fact, I believe that the only standards you should meet and maintain are your own.

As mentioned above I think that, often, through our own thought process, we prevent our greatness to be utilized in working towards realizing our ideas and dreams. (Of course the first step is to realize the greatness within, but that’s a topic of conversation for another blog. 😉 ) And yet we are given so many examples of people growing up in different adversities and still they realize their dreams. I’ll only mention a few – Elvis, Oprah, Marilyn Monroe,  LL Cool J, Madonna, Maya Angelou,  are surely names you’ll recognize (and if you aren’t familiar with their stories, read about them!); but I am sure that you can (as can I!) think of people who you personally know, who aren’t celebrities or in the entertainment industry, but are successful in their own right because they made a decision to work towards something they felt passionate about and achieved it!

In the beginning I wrote that there are many different interests and goals in life that I believe we would all like to attain. However that list can be overwhelming as it is often long and a lot of work! But the thing to remember, in my opinion, is that you don’t have to do everything all at the same time. Start with that which is most suitable to where you are in life right now, give it your best try, and once you’ve achieved it and took a moment to congratulate yourself, move on to your next challenge! We only have this one life, yet time seems to pass us by quickly, so all I am saying is – please use your greatness to live your dreams awake and be one of my heroes! 🙂


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