A Little Thing Called….A Smile :)

You ever had one of those days where anyone and everything just makes you mad? Not because they did anything wrong but just because you’re in one of those moods? And then (if you’re a woman or even sometimes a guy!) someone asks you “Is it that time of the month?” and you’re just about ready to scream?

Yeah I figured you knew what I was talking about….;)

We also have the best reasons for those moods – all legitimate of course! – like you overslept or are just tired, people not pulling their weight at work or acting like a team player, you had a bad fight with your significant other or your friend, you feel fat, the weather sucks (it’s too hot or too humid or it’s too wet or too cold), you missed your train or bus, your pet is sick, you forgot your lunch, you ran out of gas, you spilled coffee on your clothes………..Yeah, THOSE ‘reasons’. Of course, everyone has days like those, yours truly included!

I became aware of my feelings and reactions when I was having “one of those days” and decided that I really did not like it! I didn’t like the energy I was putting out into the world nor did I like the energy that I was getting back. (As per my ‘the energy you put out is the energy you get back’ belief, I knew that I had to check myself.) I just felt like it was time to grow up a little bit, you know what I mean? I thought long and hard about how I can improve my energy when I was having “one of those days” because I think that you DO have to “be the change you wish to see in the world” as Gandhi once said and I wholeheartedly agree! And I mean, really, who disagrees with Gandhi?! But that’s besides the point and I digress….

One day, when I was having “one of those days”, I decided to do something different. I looked in the mirror that morning, gave myself that you-know-better-than-to-act-this-way look and decided that no matter how I was feeling on the inside that I would simply smile. Smiling isn’t hard right? I mean especially since I read somewhere that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile (I went ahead and just assumed it to be true because it was helping my own argument in my head.) So I decided that day that I would smile as much as I could and for as long as I could. I would smile at everyone I passed on the street, at everyone I interacted with during my day, at every bbm or text message I got that day, even when I’m on the phone, no matter what the energy of the person or situation will happen to be, I would just smile.

At first, I felt that I was being silly but NO ONE knew that I had that talk with myself that morning nor did they know about my little experiment (well unless they read this of course but even then, they don’t know WHEN I did this…right?!) so I just kept smiling and held myself accountable to myself. I won’t lie to you – it wasn’t easy and I DID have to remind myself to smile every so often, but I kept doing it and as my day went on, I paid close attention to my inner feelings and reactions AND I also paid attention to how people responded to me.

It was funny, but I started feeling better! And I noticed that I wasn’t reacting in a negative way to people nor were they reacting to me in a negative way. So I went “Hmmm there’s something about this smiling business….it’s good stuff!” And then I remembered a quote I read in a cafe when I was in Kochi, India: “You’re never fully dressed until you wear a smile.” I thought “WOW! They were really onto something with that over there in India! I need to do this more often!” So I have and I do!

It could just be all in my head but if you decide to try, using that little thing called A SMILE, when you’re having “one of those days”, please let me know about your experience!



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